The Willow Lake B&B

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The Chelf Room

Price: $175.00 plus tax per room per night

The Chelf Room features a queen-sized bed, dresser, desk, and reading chair.

On the second floor, this spacious room has a great view of the grounds from the porch.

The bathroom has a large whirlpool tub to relax in!

The Lightfoot

Price: $135.00 plus tax per room per night

The Lightfoot is the largest and sunniest room here.

This room is ideal for couples or small families.

It includes two beds (a queen and twin), a private bath with a shower, reading chair, desk, and drawer.

The Thompson

Price: $125.00 plus tax per room per night

The Thompson was the only one untouched when renovations were made in 1923.

It has a cozy king-sized bed, comfy reading chairs, and an in-room vanity with a sink.

It also has a large private bath with a soaking tub and shower just outside the room.

The Pulliam

Price: $175.00 plus tax per room per night

The two-room suite has an amazing view of the grounds.

It has an antique queen-sized bed that was hand-carved, and a private bath with a shower/tub.

It also has a sitting room, which is a great place to read and relax.


We have a variety of different options available for breakfast to fuel your day.

The Willow Lake

Fine Dining & Gourmet Takeaway

View the Menu

Gourmet Restaurant
1850 Hopkins Drive
Manchester VT, 05254


Part of the "Tea Party service"

Oolong Tea
Sweet and fruity with honey aromas
Rooibos Tea
Tangy lemon with sweet vanilla
English Breakfast Tea
Traditional blend of Assam tea and Ceylon tea

Finger Sandwiches

Part of the "Tea Party service"

Sandwich with sliced tomato, aged cheddar and watercress
Steak au Poivre
Thinly sliced steak and crushed peppercorns
Ham, Brie and Apple
Deli ham, sliced brie and sliced green apple


French Plum Crepes
Crepes with roasted french plums, yogurt & honey
Chocolate Gâteau de Crêpes
Gâteau de crêpes with chocolate pastry cream, Hungarian cheese, and dulce de leche (Gluten Free)
Raspberry Croissant
Delicious pastry filled with rich raspberry (Gluten Free)
Almond Croissant
Dried almonds from Vermont in a creamy pastry
Nutella Croissant
Finely crafted with exquisite Nutella filling and topping

Finger Desserts

Peach-and-Blue Cheese Bites
Simply cheese, fruit spread, and almonds
Brownie Bourbon Balls
These packed brownies are a favorite among our guests
Mini Coconut Cream Pies
Rich coconut pie topped with fine whipped cream
Pistachio Mini Cakes
Creamy cakes with real, local pistachios used in filling
Cheesecake Kringle
A local recipe using Wisconson cheese in the best cheesecake that you've ever had
Apple Roses
Apple slices baked to a perfection and then topped with our secret seasoning
Classic Atayef
Syrian ricotta-filled dessert pancakes

Would you like us to cater your event?Call us & we'll help you find a venue and organize the event: 626.511.1170

Food off of WL property can be found at one of the local restaurants including: Francie's Diner, Home-Pah-Chicken, and Loo-Loo's kitchen.


One-Night and Two-Night Packages

We have extra accomodations for the traveller who finds us and needs a place to stay.

You can stay in either the Lightfoot or Thompson for a night for $115

If you need a longer stay, you can stay in either for $225 for two nights.

It's a wonderful place for weary travellers to relax and renew.

Honeymoons and Anniversaries

We also have special accomodations for honeymoons and anniversaries!

You can stay in the Chelf or Pulliam for $150 a night, along with free catering to the room.


Lincoln Memorial House

One of the main attractions here is the Lincoln Memorial House, which is a 5 minute drive away.

Entry costs $16 for adults, $5 for youth, and children under 6 and members are free.

If you would like a guided tour, then you'll need an additional $5 for adults,

and $2 for children above the age of 5.


Southern Vermont Arts Center

A fun place to visit is the Southern Vermont Arts Center

SVAC is a 10-15 minute drive from The Willow Lake.

You can go to a workshop at the Hay Madeira Education Center, see a performance at the Arkell Pavilion,

Browse art at the Wilson Museum or the Yester House, or wander the Sculpture Park or Boswell Botany Trail.

There's lots to see and do.


Paramount Theatre

An inspirational place to visit is the Paramount Theatre.

It's an hour drive, but it's well worth the wait to see the rennovated Theatre.

The main attraction is the variety of performances you can see in the Theatre

See the website for tickets and showtimes




1850 Hopkins Drive

Manchester VT, 05254

Hours of Operation

Sat-Sun (2:00am-12:00pm)


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